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CEEES-IEST Liasonmeeting 2016

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CEEES-IEST Liasonmeeting 2016

The Confederation of European Environmental Engineering Societies (CEEES) recently refreshed its liaison with the US Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology (IEST). The President of CEEES, Dr Thomas Reichert, met with the current IEST President, Shawn Windley, the President elect, Wei Sun and a number of other IEST officials, at the Annual Technical Meeting of the IEST. Thomas Reichert brought the IEST up to date with the objectives and work of CEEES, with the aid of the new CEEES brochure. The IEST President elect Wei Sun recognized the huge amount of environmental factors and influences the CEEES national associations dealt with.

During the informal discussions, Dr Reichert indicated that CEEES would like to invite a number of US Environmental experts to the CEEES Conferences in spring and fall, to facilitate closer association of the two organizations. CEEES would like to forge new links with IEST members as the former European liaison officer Mrs. Chris Peterson has now left IEST. It was agreed that the IEST direct points of contact, between the two organizations, should be David Sgro the Technical Vice President for Design, Test, and Evaluation and Executive Director Roberta Burrows. The CEEES point of contact would be the CEEES President, Dr Thomas Reichert.

 It was also agreed that CEEES will endeavor to stimulate the participation of European experts in the ESTECH conference. The historical participation from Europe at ESTECH was recognized and appreciated. The current European participation was mainly focused on mechanical influences. Christian Dindorf, from Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany and active with GUS (the German National association within CEEES), gave a presentation about fatigue damage calculation to compare single to multi axis shaker tests. Bram Cornelius, from Siemens Industry Software (former LMS part) Leuven representing the Belgium association, presented a mission synthesis procedure for sine-on-random excitations in an helicopter applications. More general climatic presentations were made by Dustin Aldridge from Raytheon Missile Systems and about weathering from Chelsea Todd from ATLAS MTT.

The next ESTECH conference is planned in Louisville, Kentucky on the 8 to 11th May 2017 and the next CEEES conference is planned for Paris on 19th and 20th October 2016.